Urogynecological physiotherapy

Urogynecological physiotherapy focuses on promoting health, prevention, and rehabilitation not only in urogynecology but also in conditions related to pelvic floor muscles, breast glands, and obstetrics.

Terapia spojenia łonowego

Disorders in urogynecology, such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or defecation disorders, have an impact on all aspects of women’s lives. A review of the literature shows that women have limited knowledge about these conditions, leading them to not seek help from specialists such as urogynecological physiotherapists, despite contemporary research demonstrating the effectiveness of physiotherapy in urogynecological disorders such as urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, infertility, diastasis recti abdominis, umbilical hernias, sexual disorders, etc.


A consultation with a urogynecological physiotherapist includes a detailed interview and physical examination, which may involve assessing posture, functional testing, palpation, and with the patient’s consent, a rectal or vaginal examination, although this is not always necessary. Ultrasound imaging is often used in urogynecology.

In the process of physiotherapy for the mentioned conditions, exercises are utilized.

Ćwiczenia na piłce

It should be noted that this type of physiotherapy is not only needed by pregnant women or those in the postpartum period, although they are the most common patients, but also any woman experiencing troubling symptoms related to the urogenital system or within the abdominal cavity.

Currently, in our facility, we provide therapy for diastasis recti abdominis, training for pregnant and postpartum women, scar management after cesarean section or other gynecological surgeries, musculoskeletal therapy during and after pregnancy (such as back pain, pubic pain, abdominal tension, pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome), abdominal therapy for chronic constipation, and menstrual pain.

At MIRAI, urogynecological physiotherapy is conducted by Małgorzata Staniuk, who is available for appointments at MIRAI Warszawa Wola.

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