Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant

Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant is a unique place on the culinary map of Mazovia, where the richness of tastes and aromas harmonizes with the extraordinary history of the building.

The location of our restaurant is not accidental. In this very room was the dining room of the former Abram Gurewicz Pension intended for patients. The renovated interiors of the pre-war restaurant required us to choose an appropriate culinary style that gives a sense of Gurewicz’s spirit.

In addition to the stylish design of the restaurant, we would also like to invite you to our beautiful patio, where, surrounded by the architecture of świdermajer and a beautifully designed garden, you will find peace and relaxation while tasting our dishes.

We wanted to revive the atmosphere of a pre-war summer resort, not only through a beautifully restored restaurant but also through our menu, which refers to the traditions of the interwar period. In Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant we serve dishes created following those that reigned on Polish tables during the boarding house heyday. Our chef combines a drop of history with a pinch of modernity on a plate. You will find here, among others, fish dishes, poultry, delicious Polish beef, or dishes with traditional regional ingredients, such as kumpiak or kindziuk. Additionally, caring about the attractiveness of the card and wanting to give it a breath of fresh air, we have introduced an additional weekend menu. We offer special dishes consisting of seasonal products – there is nothing more delicious and healthier than products from local suppliers!

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