Ultrasoud diagosctics

We offer a very wide range of ultrasound examinations, which include orthopaedic and internal ultrasound. These examinations are performed using a Canon Aplio camera. This is premium equipment that ranks at the forefront of ultrasound imaging quality. The possibility of using various types of ends allows for extensive diagnostics. The camera is equipped with many modern solutions, including Differential THI, DUAL imaging mode and BEAM.

Orthopaedic ultrasound diagnostics

Orthopaedic ultrasound, i.e. an ultrasound of the motor organs, allows for a non-invasive determination of diseases and abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system. During the examination, we can assess the soft tissues of the joints, muscles, tendons and nerves in the vicinity of the examined area. It is also possible to dynamically assess the tissues: tendon and muscle movement, joint movement, and ligament stability assessment. The ultrasound examination also allows to visualize the increased vascularization of the diseased tissues – e.g. the inflamed synovial membrane of the joints. Ultrasound examinations in the field of orthopaedics are performed by Beata Ciszkowska-Łysoń, MD, PhD.

In the field of orthopedic ultrasound we perform, among others:

-USG of the knee joint
– USG of the hip joint
– USG of the sacroiliac joints
– USG of the shoulder joint
– USG of the elbow
– USG of the hand
– USG of the ligament apparatus of the finger / metacarpal joints
– USG of the athlete’s groin
– USG of the umbilical hernia
– USG of the peripheral nerves
– USG of the foot – USG of the wrist
– USG of the ankle joint
– USG – examination of the joint 1 area
– USG – examination of the area of the 1st muscle group

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Internal ultrasound diagnostics

Internal ultrasound examination enables the assessment of the condition of internal organs, their structure and size. Thanks to high-resolution imaging, we can detect abnormalities and diseases in the body. Such examination is safe and completely non-invasive. Warning signals for the occurrence of various abnormalities may be: pain – for example abdominal pain, perceptible changes in a dysfunctional organ, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc.

In the field of internal ultrasound we perform, among others:

– abdominal ultrasound
– testicular ultrasound
– salivary gland ultrasound
– breast ultrasound
– thyroid ultrasound
– urinary system ultrasound.

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