Hotel rooms

We invite you to stay in rooms specially prepared for you, located in a separate wing of our clinic. Rooms are intended for MIRAI Clinic patients and their relatives. We have designated a space for our guests in an atmosphere referring to the historical beauty of the building, presenting the historical style of the Vistula river, and harmonizing with the surrounding garden and pine forest. Trying to refer to historical architecture, we have made every effort to preserve its original elements from the historic building. In the ground-floor part, there are restored tiled stoves that are used to heat guest rooms. You can get there through corridors whose colours are kept in green reminiscent of the forest surroundings. The ground-floor part is made in a darker tone – similar to forests’ lower parts. This changes on the first floor where, as if among the treetops, the green becomes brighter, giving a poetic impression that more sunlight is reaching it. Each of the rooms is decorated in subtly permeating colours, the soft tones of which allow guests to relax and calm down. The rooms feature beautiful and natural finishes: oak floors, glass and brass Italian lighting. The rooms are equipped with oak veneered furniture that has been specially designed for our space. Each room has a comfortable continental bed with all kinds of amenities. The decorations and bedspreads correspond with the idea of harmonizing with nature. All rooms face the garden. Thanks to this, the light shining through the reconstructed, large Polish-type windows with brass fittings illuminates them beautifully, giving a sense of connection with nature. Comfortable bathrooms located next to each room maintain stylistic coherence with the main room. The floors are made of Spanish terrazzo – a pattern reminiscent of the pre-war splendour. The walls are covered with tiles made in a traditional hand-made way – each of them is coloured differently in its tone, which gives them a unique character. Golden fittings and brass details refer to the Art Nouveau traditions that used to dominate the local rooms. Except for many historical references, we have maintained all modern standards: each room has air conditioning, Internet access and TV. Our guests will receive the necessary bath accessories and a wide range of cosmetics. The rooms have access to a safe and a minibar. Our guests will be able to enjoy excellent meals served by a renowned chef and have delicious coffee in a cafe in the garden. We offer 1 VIP room, 2 family rooms with facilities for the disabled and 8 single rooms. We also offer meals prepared on-site and served in the stylish restaurant, as well as drinks and snacks in the cafe. Our goal was to continue the tradition of this place, which is to create opportunities for relaxation combined with health care. We tried to show you how important it is for us to take a comprehensive approach to the health and comfort of our guests.

See you in MIRAI!