The operating rooms at MIRAI Clinic represent one of the most complex medical ecosystems. It was a significant challenge for us to create a place where modern equipment is so integrated that it supports surgeons and the entire medical staff in more effectively treating patients.
We have two operating rooms at our disposal. Thanks to our collaboration with Arthrex Polska, which equipped them with state-of-the-art instruments, we have become a reference facility, providing the expected level of care. The walls of the operating rooms are finished with glass, one of the most hygienic materials used in operating theaters. We have the capability to visualize images in 4K technology, allowing specialists to review our patients’ test results and imaging in high quality. These images, or even live broadcasts, can also be transmitted to our conference room, where training sessions and presentations for medical professionals or companies take place.
The operating room equipment allows for the safe performance of even the most complex procedures, and the ceiling-mounted operating systems ensure a high level of hygiene for the specialists. The operating room is also equipped with a multifunctional arm, enabling X-rays to be taken during surgery, allowing for precise verification of the operator’s work.

We have created an integrated management system for the operating room environment, ensuring the best possible experience for both the operating staff and the patients. We believe this will translate into the quality and uniqueness we strive for.

We invite you to experience it!