MRI-TK-RTG imaging diagnostics

The MIRAI Clinic Imaging Diagnostics Center offers a full range of radiological examinations. To ensure the quality of imaging required by us, we became a Siemens reference facility.

In the MIRAI Clinic Imaging Diagnostics Center, we use technology, which enables precise evaluation of diagnostic tests (CT, MR, X-ray) from anywhere in the clinic or outside of it. This solution enables simultaneous work of radiologists, orthopedists and surgeons. It is worth emphasizing that the solution has a set of specialized CT applications, including the evaluation of chest trauma examinations, automatic evaluation of ischemic strokes, or precise spectral evaluation of gout cases. In addition, thanks to a set of proven practical artificial intelligence algorithms, it allows, inter alia, automatic numbering of the spine / ribs and automatic reconstructions, very useful in the work of surgeons.

MIRAI Clinic has become the reference center of Siemens Healthineers, able to train specialists who want to learn the secrets of using these devices. Thank you for your trust and we are happy to be able to offer our patients comprehensive imaging diagnostics!

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