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Our history - Your MIRAI

Jan Majdecki, co-founder of Carolina Medical Center, after years of success in the automotive business (Carolina Car Company – leading Toyota dealer in Poland), together with his partners – Piotr Sójka and Maciej Olesiński, decided to return to his unfinished dream: a medical clinic specializing in orthopaedics and rehabilitation.

The immediate impulse for the start of this project was the sale by the city of Otwock the Abram Gurewicz’s guesthouse from 1906 – back then it was a landmark of the city, but then in 2016 it was a devastated building which – despite its unique history – still could not get its second life. The matter was not obvious, because organizing a clinic inside a wooden structure subject to conservation restrictions seemed to be a breakneck project. However, the decision was made – the vision of a rescue of the largest Otwock’s Świdermajer won with mathematical calculations. Immediately after the purchase of the guesthouse, there were many voices undermining the intentions of investors, suspected of wanting to take over the land for the implementation of a real estate development project. Over time, the visible progress of work done left no illusions: the Abram Gurewicz guesthouse was regaining its former extraordinariness!

The clinic is not just the building itself – parallel to the investment in Otwock, the Mirai Rehabilitation Institute, now MIRAI Warszawa Wola, was established in Warsaw. The aim of opening this institute was to gather the right team of specialists, constituting the core of the staff of the clinic in Otwock and to gather experience and work out the best procedures for our patients.

It was not easy to restore this historic building. First, careful demolition with the numbering of elements so that all of them that are in good condition can be reused. The required sterility of the medical facility, including operating theatres, excluded the possibility of sticking to the wooden technology – so inside the originally assembled wooden structure there is a second concrete structure that meets all medical standards. Designing the installation was a great challenge – all wires and lines had to fit into the dimensions of the original building, which forced the use of unique and unconventional solutions and technologies, at the same time pro environmentally aware.

The name of MIRAI Clinic is not accidental. The word “Mirai” in Japanese means a good future, and this is what we want to create for all our patients.

Our clinic grew out of the passion, vision and courage of the shareholders, the reconstruction of the building was an extraordinary architectural and reconstruction project, and its final shape combines the pre-war class of the Gurewicz guesthouse with the latest technology and experience of our specialists. See you in MIRAI!


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