Philosophy of MIRAI physiotherapy

Modern physiotherapy fills the huge space between the painkiller and the surgery. It helps not only get rid of the pain but also prevents its recurrence thanks to the causal approach.

The potential for healing and rebuilding the human body is very large, but often, due to bad habits orincorrect body posture, we do not fully use it. Education about what type of stress our muscles, tendons and joints like and don’t like – is invaluable.
Performing properly selected exercises not only strengthens the structure but also stimulates the nervous system, that, “connects the muscles with the brain”. Through painless exercises aimed at improving the range of motion, increasing muscle strength, optimizing neuromuscular control and stabilizing joints, we develop good movement patterns that replace the painful ones related to the inhibition of muscle activity and loss of function.

By functionally examining the patient, we try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his musculoskeletal system. Knowing what we should work on, we select the right tools. And we have a lot of them in MIRAI ☺We offer our patients exactly what they currently need – from manual therapy, through dry needling, taping and “smart” movement – to the latest achievements in physical therapy (high energy lasers, shock wave,endogenous tissue heating therapy).

We are aware of how important it is for our patients to be able to overcome their health problems. Therefore, we devote the right amount of attention and time to everyone and propose solutions as effective and comprehensive as in the case of professional athletes. This applies to both the stages of rehabilitation adequate to the patient’s condition (from passive to active), as well as constant cooperation with other MIRAI specialists (orthopedist, internist, endocrinologist, radiologist, dietician, physical preparation trainer).

We offer our patients a choice of locations: MIRAI Clinic in Otwock, MIRAI Warsaw Mokotów, or MIRAI Warsaw Wola.

See you in MIRAI!