Sports recovery

There are many myths and misconceptions about sports recovery. Is regeneration in sports training an important part of the whole cycle? Is it a necessity, an addition – or maybe unnecessary?
Well, regeneration and training are exactly equally important. Training without regeneration is ineffective. It does not lead to physical development, but to overloading the musculoskeletal system and may cause injuries.
Skipping the regeneration after the training harms your health and can negatively affect your sports performance.

Numerous biochemical processes take place during training:

  • Micro-damage to the muscle fibers
  • Lactic acid is released (the amount of acid released depends on the intensity of the workout)
  • Loss of muscle glycogen (“fuel” stored in the muscle)
  • inflammation occurs, which can be felt as pain (commonly known as soreness)

The post-workout regeneration consists of many elements:

  • Proper sleep: it is assumed that from 10 pm to 2 am during the deep sleep phase, growth hormone is secreted most effectively. Among other things, it influences the size of the muscle mass. During this time, the body regenerates damaged cells, e.g. injuries heal
  • Proper nutrition: during training, immediately after the training and throughout the day.
  • Active forms of regeneration such as physiotherapy

The aim of regeneration treatments is to reduce muscle and fascial tension, make the connective tissue more flexible and nourished, and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems to remove harmful substances of metabolism.
Thanks to well-planned and selected treatments, we shorten the time that must pass for the body to be ready for the next effort.
The time period that has to pass between a strong training stimulus and the readiness for the next effort depends on:

  • the intensity and volume of the training unit
  • the level of training of the athlete
  • the age of the athlete

With age, the regenerative capacity of the body decreases. If you want to enjoy your sport, include regeneration in your training plans. Your body will thank you!

At MIRAI Clinic we have a wide range of regenerative treatments such as electrostimulation, high-energy laser, shock wave, pneumatic massage, endogenous tissue heating, hyperbaric chamber, etc.

Enjoy our recovery Wednesdays and Fridays!