Post-operative rooms

There are ten very comfortable single rooms in MIRAI Clinic’s post-operative ward. In order to ensure that our patients can rest in peace after the stress of surgery, we have arranged each of these rooms to become their safe asylum for the time of convalescence.

In each room there are fully automated and supplied with medical mattresses beds for patients. Bathrooms are equipped with amenities for those with mobility or balance issues. To ensure that the patient feels completely safe, we have provided full nursing control with extensive treatment facilities. The recovery rooms are also equipped with an instant notification system. In the room, you will find a safe to secure your important documents during surgery and regeneration. The standard equipment also includes television, internet access and air conditioning. However, the view from the window, spreading out on the surrounding garden, is very unusual.

Two of these rooms are rooms of a higher standard. There is an additional resting space, allowing an accompanying person to stay in the room with a patient. The spacious VIP room has access to a private veranda made in świdermajer style.

Nowy Gurewicz Restaurant located in the adjoining wing of the building, works in close cooperation with a clinical dietician, to prepare delicious meals for our patients, taking into consideration a pre-determined diet. You can choose a gluten-free diet, diabetic diet, light diet, Low Fodmap, standard diet and vegan diet.
Creating a modern clinic offering exceptional care was a challenge for us. Therefore, we hope to create a patient-friendly environment where the healing process will run smoothly and comfortably.

See you at MIRAI!