Physiotherapy for the elbow and hand

Rehabilitation is conducted according to the treatment philosophy in MIRAI.

It is led by a physiotherapist who specializes in improving injuries and dysfunctions of the elbow and hand in a one-on-one setting. The rehabilitation program is individually tailored for each patient based on the doctor’s recommendations and is modified in real-time based on test results and follow-up visits.

In treatment, we follow the principle of comprehensiveness, considering all factors that influence upper limb function. The manual therapist restores joint function and soft tissue functionality. The physiotherapist and trainer conduct functional medical training to normalize muscle tension. The rehabilitation process is monitored by the attending physician through weekly meetings with physiotherapists, where treatment progress is discussed and new recommendations are introduced.

In postoperative rehabilitation, the pace of progress is adjusted according to tissue healing process, monitored through ultrasound imaging, allowing for a safe reduction in treatment time. The leading physiotherapist has full intraoperative knowledge regarding the surgical technique, extent of the procedure, and tissue quality, enabling them to plan rehabilitation precisely. This is possible thanks to close collaboration with the operating physician.

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