Rehabilitation holiday

Rehabilitation holiday is recommended for all those who suffer from painful ailments and need a quick return to health. It is also an excellent solution for those who would like to prevent dysfunctions that may arise due to the current way of functioning (e.g., stressful sedentary work) or simply have had enough of recurring, chronic ailments.

The aim of our joint work will be:

  1. Evaluation of the current state of health, both structural and functional.
  2. Manual therapy aimed at desensitizing tissues and reducing pain symptoms.
  3. Manual therapy aimed at tissue desensitization and pain reduction
  4. Re-education in the field of movement and breathing patterns that may be causing existing ailments.
  5. Improvement of body posture, often imperfect and a source of continuous tissue overload. Training to strengthen the weakest elements of the kinetic chain of the movement system, designed and performed under the strict supervision of a physiotherapist.

In preparing the rehabilitation program, we have taken care of a comprehensive approach to the assessment and improvement of the health of our Patients. Therefore, it includes:

  1. Physiotherapy consultation – during which the physiotherapist will conduct a detailed interview and functional analysis of the musculoskeletal system – checking movement patterns, range of motion, muscle strength, motor control, and stabilization. The therapist will determine the places and possible causes of pain, as well as precisely define the goals, therapy plan, and scope of physical therapy treatments aimed at observed individual dysfunctions.
  2. Daily one-hour manual therapy – aimed at desensitizing painful areas, reducing current symptoms, and restoring mobility to individual segments of the movement system.
  3. Daily functional medical training, i.e., exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist, will allow us to develop an optimal set of exercises and take care of their proper technique.
  4. Daily individual exercises – will allow each patient to put into practice the knowledge gained during exercises with a physiotherapist. Our patients have access to a modern and fully equipped exercise room.
  5. Daily one-hour physiotherapy session for tissue stimulation, hyperemia, and desensitization. After an individually tailored program is established, therapies such as heat therapy, high-energy laser, electrotherapy, shockwave therapy, etc. will be used.
  6. Daily (except for the first day) one-hour oxygen therapy session in a hyperbaric chamber – aimed at stimulating the production of stem cells, reducing inflammation, optimizing healing and tissue regeneration, and improving metabolism.

During the stay our patients are accommodated in renovated rooms of the former Gurewicz Guesthouse in one of the wings of the facility, and all meals are served in our stylish restaurant.

All consultations and treatments take place in the same facility.

We offer our guests free parking, a discount on any additional tests/therapeutic sessions, the opportunity for unlimited use of the exercise room, and access to the internet.

There is a possibility of personalizing the rehabilitation stay offer.

Information brochure in PDF format available for download here »

See you in MIRAI!