Post-Covid rehabilitation holiday

Post-Covid rehabilitation stay is recommended to all people who have undergone COVID-19 disease in both severe and mild way and are experiencing persistent complications from the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and also suffer from the so-called brain fog.
The treatment lasts 5 days – from Monday to Friday and takes place in Mirai Clinic in Otwock.

The goals of our work together will be:

  1. Assessment of the current state of the patient, evaluation of capacity, muscle strength
  2. Re-education of breathing and movement patterns
  3. Improving posture, often imperfect, which contributes to breathing problems
  4. Manual therapy aimed at de-sensitising and loosening tissues affected by post-infection complications
  5. Verification of nutritional habits and their influence on post-infection recovery
  6. Training to activate respiratory and postural muscles and to strengthen other weakened body regions, designed and carried out under the close supervision of a physiotherapist

Preparing the programme of the holiday, we took care of a comprehensive approach to the assessment and improvement of the health of our patients. Therefore, it includes:

  1. Consultation or tele-consultation with an internist – may take place before arrival at the clinic. The doctor will determine the condition of your body, choose the appropriate tests to be performed to check the health of your body (ECG, spirometry and on-site X-ray, CT, MRI of the lungs and chest) and decide whether rehabilitation should be directed to pulmonary, cardiac or other treatments.
  2. Package of blood and urine laboratory tests – allows to determine the general condition of the organism, in particular to determine the level of parameters most frequently disturbed after the COVID-19 infection (blood count, ESR, CRP, D-dimers, sodium, potassium, creatinine, AST, ALT, creatinine, TSH and glucose)
  3. Consultation of a dietician – he will choose an appropriate diet that will be helpful in the regeneration of your body, based on the results of blood tests, urine and body composition.
  4. Physiotherapy consultation – during which the physiotherapist will conduct a thorough interview and functional examination, in which he will determine the Patient’s current capacity, breathing pattern, joint mobility ranges, muscle strength, motor control and stabilisation. Together, the goal of the therapy and the path needed to achieve it will be defined. The physiotherapist will also select the appropriate physical therapy treatments
  5. An one hour daily manual therapy – aimed at your current complaints. It will aim to alleviate pain, restore mobility to the chest and spine and relax the breathing muscles (also with the help of tapping) – often over-tensioned after intense coughing or shortness of breath. It will also include respiratory re-education sessions using the Powerbreathe device and education on positions to relieve dyspnoea and promote expectoration.
  6. A 30-minute daily functional medical training session – individually tailored exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist, interchangeable with a Nordic walking session with a therapist who will monitor your saturation and blood pressure, heart rate and breathing at all times. The aim of the training is to quickly return to everyday activities or your favourite sport. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to strengthen the breathing muscles, teach the patient to use the diaphragm optimally, improve the stabilisation of the body centre and improve the balance often disturbed after the illness
  7. Individual daily exercises – recommended for about an hour (the physiotherapist will adjust and recommend the intensity and duration of exercises individually to the patient) in fresh air in the Mirai Clinic park or in a modern, comprehensively equipped exercise room
  8. 8. 30-minute daily physical therapy session – to speed up regeneration, stimulate blood circulation, de-sensitise tissues – individually selected to suit patient’s needs (use of spinal traction device, TECAR therapy, high-energy laser, shock wave, Compex electrotherapy, pressure massage, infrared couch)
  9. 2-hour daily session of oxygen therapy in a normobaric chamber – its aim is to increase the oxygen supply to tissues, to stimulate production of mesenchymal cells, to reduce inflammation, to optimise healing and tissue regeneration and to improve your well-being

During the stay our patients are accommodated in renovated rooms of the former Gurewicz Guesthouse in one of the wings of the facility, and all meals are served in our stylish restaurant.
All consultations and treatments take place in the same facility, except for sessions in the normobaric chamber, located a few kilometres from the clinic, where non-motorised patients are provided with transport.
We provide our patients with: free parking, discount on any additional examinations/therapy sessions, unlimited use of the exercise room and internet access.

See you in MIRAI!