Karol Kosterna

Otwock, Warszawa Mokotów


-Treatment of osteoarthritis of the lower limb – endoprosthesis
-Rheumoortopaedics – treatment of deformities and degenerations caused by rheumatic diseases
-Foot and ankle surgery
-Knee surgery
-Arthroscopic procedures, including sports injuries
-Conservative and operative treatment of injuries to the upper and lower limbs – fractures, tendon injuries
-Hand surgery under local anaesthesia – decompression of carpal tunnel, snapping fingers, removal of rheumatoid nodules
-Treatments under ultrasound guidance – steroid blocks, joint injections (hyaluronic acid), lavage of calcifications

Karol Kosterna- ZnanyLekarz.pl

Karol Kosterna – ZnanyLekarz.pl