High intensity laser BTL-6000 HIL POWER 10W

Laser therapy is one of the fundamental therapeutic methods in the field of physical therapy. It is characterised by a small number of absolute contraindications, which allows for the implementation of this type of therapy in many diseases of the musculoskeletal system – for example, inflammatory conditions of muscles and sinews. Adequately selected treatment parameters allow for effective pain reduction, bio stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects, or stimulating the creation of new blood vessels – so needed during the regeneration of damaged tissues. The BTL-6000 HIL POWER 10W laser used in Mirai Clinic, apart from its high power, is distinguished by the possibility of adjusting the programme to each stage of injury in which the patient’s damaged tissues are. Thanks to that, we can work with patients both in an urgent state, immediately after the injury and act against pain, and in a sub-acute and chronic state, increasing the rate of tissue regeneration.