"Healthy spine" - Rehabilitation holidays

Healthy Spine” rehabilitation holiday at MIRAI Clinic is recommended to everybody who suffers from spinal pains, needs a quick recovery after an “acute disc”, a back operation or would like to try to avoid it. It is also excellent for those who would like to prevent dysfunction prophylactically, which may arise due to their current mode of functioning (e.g., stressful sedentary work) or who are simply fed up with recurrent, chronic discomfort.

The purpose of our work together will be:

  1. Assessment of the current state of the spine, both structurally and functionally
  2. Verification of nutritional habits and their influence on the state of our locomotor system
  3. Manual therapy aimed at tissue desensitization and pain reduction
  4. Re-education of movement and breathing patterns that may be the cause of existing ailments
  5. Improving posture, which is often imperfect and a source of constant tissue overload
  6. Training to strengthen the weakest elements in the kinetic chain of the musculoskeletal system, designed and carried out under the close supervision of a physiotherapist.

Preparing the programme of the stay, we took care of a comprehensive approach to the assessment and improvement of the health of our patients. Therefore, it includes:

  1. A teleconsultation with a spinal surgeon – this takes place prior to arrival and is designed to provide a structural analysis of the spine based on available tests. If it is found that additional tests are required to ensure proper treatment, these can be carried out on the spot on the first day of the stay, with a discount for the participant.
  2. Package of laboratory blood tests – allows to determine the general condition of the organism, in particular to determine the level of parameters that may be related to the condition of the musculoskeletal system.
  3. Consultation with a dietician – on the basis of examination results it will allow to compose dietary recommendations aimed at elimination/reduction of observed problems and to prepare a diet for the time of your stay.
  4. Physiotherapeutic consultation – during the consultation a physiotherapist will conduct a detailed interview and make a functional analysis of the musculoskeletal system – check the movement patterns, ranges of movement, muscular strength, motor control and stabilisation. The therapist will determine the location and possible causes of pain, and will precisely define the objectives, therapy plan and range of physical therapies aimed at the observed individual dysfunctions.
  5. A one hour daily manual therapy to de-sensitise painful areas, reduce current discomfort and restore mobility of specific segments of the musculoskeletal system. It will also include breathing re-education sessions, extremely important in the treatment of central stabilisation disorders, but also in the treatment of COVID-19 consequences
  6. Daily functional medical training, i.e. exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist (one hour on the first day, half an hour on the remaining days) – they will allow you to develop an optimal set of exercises and take care of the correct exercise technique
  7. Daily individual exercises (recommended minimum one hour) – will allow each patient to put into practice the knowledge gained during exercises with a physiotherapist; a modern and comprehensively equipped exercise room is available to our patients.
  8. A one-hour daily physical therapy session to stimulate healing, congestion and tissue desensitisation. Following an individually tailored programme, a spinal traction device, TECAR therapy, high-energy laser, Compex electrotherapy and shock wave will be used.
  9. Daily (except for the first day) two-hour session of oxygen therapy in a normobaric chamber – its aim is to stimulate production of mesenchymal cells, reduce inflammation, optimise healing and regeneration of tissues and improve metabolism.

During the stay our patients are accommodated in renovated rooms of the former Gurewicz Guesthouse in one of the wings of the facility, and all meals are served in our stylish restaurant.
All consultations and treatments take place in the same facility, except for sessions in the normobaric chamber, located a few kilometres from the clinic, where non-motorised patients are provided with transport.
We provide our patients with: free parking, discount on any additional examinations/therapy sessions, unlimited use of the exercise room and internet access.

See you in MIRAI!